Growing Season

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Because my time wasn’t occupied enough, I thought it would be awesome to grow a garden this summer. I’ve always wanted a garden, and our rooftop was just craving one! Well, I was doing my garden-research (marvelously practical procrastination), and it turns out that a rooftop garden done right is a major investment of time and money. You need proper containers and special soil for those containers. For a full range of crops you need to start sprouting seeds in February. It took me a month to collect the supplies. Mid-April, the garden took over several days of Neil’s and my life as we cut and sawed and tied the elaborate space-age “self-watering” boxes together, then plunged bicep-deep into stirring up our own potting mix from an 8-ingredient recipe I created (peat, vermiculite, perlite, compost, lime…), then planted our seeds, then went to pick up a patio table and chairs from craigslist… voila! Some awesome birthday gifts from my parents – like a hose – completed the deal.

Click here for more pictures. Updated leafier ones coming soon!


Horse Show!

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In celebration of the first day of SUMMER I treated myself to revisiting my horse show days. I still had two papers to write, but the massive conference that I was taking part in, and that had been weighing on me for weeks, was over the day before! Neil was my cheering section at this tiny little schooling show. Shiloh was my piebald mount. The best part was cleaning her up over the couple days before the show – she’s a lesson horse that was neglected, as lesson horses tend to be, and with some polish is quite the pretty girl. I was surprised to find out that she’s quite the refuser on the jump course, too, since I was under the impression that she had been to shows a million times. Turns out this was her second!

When we got back from the show, after feasting at a Greektown restaurant, we managed to watch a movie even though we had gotten up at 5 AM, and then I slept for 13 hours and woke up sick. It’s the finale of a majorly intense school year: let it all out, body!

Check out more pictures by clicking here.

Further odes to seasons, and seasonal romping –

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Neil just posted some great pictures on his blog, of fall:

Political Crumbs – Fall in Chicago

and winter:

Political Crumbs – Winter in Chicago


A house, a home…

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…it feels like home now.  A little paint, a little stitchery, a little cleaning and greenery… Some before and after shots, of the living room, study, and bathroom:

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Snow day!

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Neil and I romped our way through the frozen wintriness of Jackson Park, 600 wooded, ponded acres just on the south edge of Hyde Park (our neighborhood), to get in touch with the season. It’s crystalline and muffled in apparent stillness, subtle. Yet we found it conducive to plenty of antics – snowballs and tackles and whisper-ful tracking of woodpeckers. It was my first experience with an honest-to-goodness frozen pond, on which I jumped and stomped and rolled, unable to make a dent in it. This “real winter” business is, so far, quite the lovely experience:

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get a visual…

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An interesting visual I came across displaying the relative size of the continent of Africa, which looms so much smaller in most American imaginations than many of these other countries. It also gives a little perspective on how problem-ridden ideas that treat it as one homogeneous place usually are.

More information:


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